The purpose of this blog is to pay homage to my wonderful and delightful parents that chose an amazing life.  It all started when my Mother, Margaret, married my father, Bob McCoy because he looked good in a Navy uniform.  The two of them had what many people would call a unique life together.  They were self made and the adventures lasted 56 years before my father pasted on.  I will randomly post pictures and stories as I think of them of how the McCoy trains came about.  If anyone can & wantsImage add to the McCoy story please feel free to write.  I would love to hear from everyone who visits.


Kevan McCoy


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kevan, Thanks for starting this blog. There is now a place where we can share our love for McCoy trains, I collect mainly McCoy trains. They are wonderful each one seems to have a story of it’s own. I live in Virginia if you every get this way hope you’ll stop by.
    thanks again

    • Now that people are “REALLY” reading this I will have to go to town on writing and posting pictures. Thanks for stopping by and please post pictures and stories of your own. Thanks again and looking forward to more communication.

    • Thanks Arno. I need to get the pictures together. If you have anything you want to try to upload please feel free. Thanks for checking in. I will try to post in the evening so there is something to wake up to. Check back soon!

      • Hi Kevan,
        I am looking forward to learning more about your parents journey. I came into Standard Gauge just in time to meet them at York but wish I had found out about these wonderful trains sooner so I could have enjoyed more times with them. I have heard some wonderful stories from the two gentlemen above and can’t wait to read about more from your perspective.
        Have A Great Day,

  2. I just found you thanks to Carol Nissen of NissenFamilyCircus fame. I have the entire TCP circus train, plus some other pieces, and I love them all. I also adored Margaret and will find the picture of 6 of us at her last Pasaden Cal-Stewart.

  3. Kevan, I was a friend to your parents and owned many McCoy trains. I still have my McCoy Carrousel here beside me. Margaret did beautiful hand work on dressing the horses. It’s still beautiful and runs well. The 8 track still puts out great music.

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